Sarah’s debut novel, All the Perverse Angels, was published in 2018. It has art, poetry, Victorian history, love and loss. People have said that it has merit, so perhaps you would care to take a look at it. You can order it from Amazon, Hive, Foyles, Waterstones, and your local independent bookshop.
Or perhaps you’re here for Sarah’s Annotated Warning to the Curious; a free, 64-page edition of the classic M.R. James ghost story with photographs, maps, illustrations, notes, and references. Download the pdf (designed to be read on an iPad or other tablet). The pdf works fine on a computer, too, and the link will always give you the latest version. (There's also a high contrast version of the document, in which all text is black rather than shades of grey, for those people who may otherwise find it difficult to read. Download here.)
There are also a few pages dedicated to Sarah’s retrocomputing work for the HP-45 calculator, Z80-MBC2 computer, and TRS-80 Model 100 portable. Start here.
Electronic music! Pages dedicated to a set of presets Sarah converted for use in Arturia's CZ V virtual synthesizer: Temple of CZV. And a page for Arturia's DX7 V: ROM cartridge artwork. And a page for Sarah's lo-fi PT-1984 preset bank for Arturia Pigments & Analog Lab V.
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